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I’m upbeat and offbeat. I see things from a very different point of view. I blame this warpage on my teens. While most kids my age were listening to Elvis, I was listening to Stan Freeburg, Mickey Katz(a borscht belt comedian), Lenny Bruce and of course, his royal hipness, Lord Buckley. Buckley once lived across from a dump filled with old mattresses. Rather than P&M(piss & moan)about it he simply dubbed it his mattress farm. He made the ordinary surreal. He was the inspiration of Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, and many, many others. Mine also. He single handedly paved the way for all the comedians of today. He kept court and everyone around was a prince, count, or some other royal title. He died in 1960
My current source of warpage is the Rev. Billy C. Wirtz. Anybody that can get Elvis, Barney, and “It’s a Small World” into one song is OK in my book. His best CD is called “Pianist Envy.” Between the tracks is a running tale about Roberta, wife number three. It’s peppered with lines like, “I gave my third wife a second chance to make a number one fool outta’ me.” ‘Nuf said. Find it, buy it and get some super glue ’cause you’re gonna’ laugh your ass off.
I’ve always done crosswords and in addition to keeping the “little gray cells” active they force you to look for alternative meanings and perspectives.


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