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The 10th anniversary of The Airbrush Museum January 15, 2006

Posted by Bob Merlin in air brush, airbrush, paasche.

It’s been ten years since the first Airbrush Museum hit the net. Back then it was one page of three page site with one picture. It was mainly an ad to buy airbrushes for my collection. It had a picture of a Paasche AB from the 1920’s. It is still the lowest AB serial number I have seen but I don’t think it’s the oldest. It is marked “Paasche Air Brush Co.? I have others that I think are older; they’re marked “J.A. Paasche.? Early Paasche serial numbers are inconsistent. The beginning date of the Paasche Airbrush Co. isn’t well established in my mind. Paasche claims 1904 but I have Paasche literature that states 1905 as the date the company was fouded. My sense is that Jens worked for a year or so before he started the Paasche Air Brush Co. That would explain the “J.A. Paasche? on some airbrushes. You’ll note that I have uses “airbrush? and “air brush.? The original term that was coined by Liberty Walkup in the 1880’s was the two word form. In the beginning, the terms airbrush or air brush encompassed anything that sprayed paint. In the mid 30’s “spray gun? began to be used to denote larger industrial type sprayers. Since then, airbrush has meant a small spray gun for artistic purposes.